Real-time Quantitative PCR (Lecture・Practice)

前田 利長・洲崎 雅史・中瀬 拓也(実験実習支援センター)
Toshinaga Maeda, Masafumi Suzaki, Takuya Nakase (Central Research Laboratory)
Collaborator: Nippon Genetics Co.,Ltd.


 A quantitative real-time PCR method has recently been used in a wide range of fields as a fast and simple tool for quantitation of mRNA levels, as well as one of the basic tools for molecular biological approach. This lecture will provide the learning program for quantitative analysis of gene expressions, from the PCR principle to PCR analysis through operating the real-time PCR system LightCycler®480 at Central Research Laboratory, in collaboration with Nippon Genetics Co., Ltd. The program includes contents from the lecture of basic operation techniques to troubleshooting and covers various information for both beginners who wish to start any research using a real-time PCR and intermediate users who have already conducted PCR analysis experiments and want to check their reliability. 

演習講義スケジュール Schedule of Lecture and Practice

  【講義パート LECTURE】

Basic knowledge for the real-time PCR experiments and troubleshooting

 1.リアルタイムPCRとは What is a real-time PCR?
 2.検出フォーマット Detection format
 3.定量解析法 Quantitative analysis method
   MIQE guidelines and precautions when conducting PCR experiments

  【演習パート PRACTICE】

Analytical practice for learning how to operate LightCycler®480 and use its software

 1.機器操作 Operating procedures
 2.定量解析 Quantitative analysis

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