Safety Operation for Centrifuges (Lecture (in English)・Practice)

Masafumi Suzaki, Noboru Urushiyama, Yukiko Koyama, Takuya Nakase
(Central Research Laboratory)
Partnership: Beckman Coulter, Inc.

 Most of us appreciate the need for careful design, handling, and maintenance of certain kinds of laboratory equipment-the optics of a spectrophotometer, for instance. It may not be obvious, however, that anything as substantial-looking as a centrifuge rotor must be designed to exacting specifications, and properly maintained during use in order for it to fulfill its life expectancy.
 Beckman Coulter, Inc. will give a following lecture for your safety of centrifugation.


Contents of Training and Workshop

* Why Rotors Fail
* Ultracentrifuge Classification Program
* Out-of-Warranty Rotors and Rotor Retirement
* Proper Use and Maintenance

We hope this seminar will clarify these points.
Because after you purchase a rotor, its safety largely depends on you -the person responsible for its use, maintenance.

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