令和2年度医学総合特論(大学院特別講義)集中講義 / 実験実習支援センター特別講習会
2020 An Intensive Course in Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars / Central Research Laboratory Special Seminars

医学・看護学教育センター長  松浦 博   
動物生命科学研究センター長  等 誠司   
実験実習支援センター長  扇田 久和  


 “2020 An Intensive Course in Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars” will be held as joint seminars by Research Center for Animal Life Science and Central Research Laboratory.
 This Course doubles as a seminar in 2020 Central Research Laboratory Special Seminars and is open to everyone at SUMS.
 This year, due to the influence of COVID-19, all of them have been decided to carry out with online using WebClass.

プログラム Program

Please refer to the schedule and abstracts of each lecture.

 プログラム(PDF)  Program in English (PDF)

視聴可能期間 Lectures available on WebClass

令和2年9月15日(火)〜 9月28日(月)

September 15 (Tue) to September 28 (Mon)

WebClass登録の方法 Access to Web Class

WebClass ログイン(> コース> 参加可能なコース >

WebClass login ( > Courses > Available Courses >「20200915 Technical Seminar」>「Member」
(Login is the same as ID / PW of campus mail)

大学院生の方へ To Graduate Students


Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars are a part of an obligatory subject, Common core curriculum, in the PhD course at SUMS. All graduate students have to attend 3 or more lectures and/or practices of the Seminars for acquiring credits. The attendance will be counted and evaluated by the submission of the report (A4 size within 1 page, PDF file type should be submitted) on each lecture and/or practice to WebClass.
The deadline for all reports is September 30 (Wed), 5:00PM.

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