令和5年度医学総合特論(大学院特別講義)集中講義 / 実験実習支援センター特別講習会
2023 Intensive Course in Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars / Central Research Laboratory Special Seminars

医学・看護学教育センター長  松浦 博   
動物生命科学研究センター長  遠山 育夫  
実験実習支援センター長    伊藤 靖   



 We are delighted to announce 2023 Intensive Course in Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary seminars as a formal class for graduate students in the Graduate School of Medicine. This course is co-sponsored by Research Center for Animal Life Science and Central Research Laboratory.
 This intensive course is a part of 2023 special seminar series organized by Central Research Laboratory and is open for all students and staff in SUMS.

 We will deliver the online-lecture using Zoom and video. However, the practice should be hands-on training and no video training will be provided. We will send the URL and passcode separately.

日程 Schedule

令和5年9月12日(火)〜 9月15日(金)

September 12th (Tuesday) - September 15th (Friday), 2023

プログラム Program


Schedule and abstracts of each lecture/practice.

▼プログラム(PDF)  ▼Program (PDF English ver.)

To students in "Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars" in 2023

WebClassにログインし、コース名「テクニカルセミナー (2023-通年)」に、視聴した講義に関するレポート(A4版1ページ以内、PDF化したもの)をアップロードしてください。

Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars are a part of an obligatory subject, Common core curriculum, in the PhD course at SUMS. All students have to attend 3 or more lectures and/or practices of the Seminars for acquiring credits.
After attending the recorded lecture, you must submit a report using WebClass (A4 size within 1 page, PDF format) on the lecture to WebClass. Those who have taken the face-to-face lecture or practice do not need to submit a report.
The deadline for all reports is September 29 (Friday), 5:00PM.

WebClass登録の方法 Access to WebClass

WebClass ログイン(> コース> 参加可能なコース >
「テクニカルセミナー (2023-通年)」>「メンバーになる」で登録完了

WebClass login ( > Courses > Available Courses > "テクニカルセミナー (2023-通年)" >「Member」
(Login is the same as ID / PW of campus mail)

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