2017 An Intensive Course in Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars / 2017 Central Research Laboratory Special Seminars Program

1st day: Sep 5 (Tue)

14:00〜15:20 [Lecture] Handling of Mouse in Research Center for Animal Life Science
          Shinichiro Nakamura, Hideaki Tsuchiya
            (Research Center for Animal Life Science)
15:30〜16:50 [Lecture in English] Safety Operation for Centrifuges I
17:00〜18:20 [Practical training] Safety Operation for Centrifuges II
          Masafumi Suzaki, Ryohei Okamoto, Noboru Urushiyama, Yukiko Koyama,
          Takuya Nakase (Central Research Laboratory)
          Partnership: Beckman Coulter

2nd day: Sep 6 (Wed)

14:00〜15:20  [Lecture & Practical training] How to Use a Micropipette Correctly
          Takahiro Isono (Central Research Laboratory)
          Partnership: LMS
15:30〜16:50 Visualize it -Overview of Immunohistochemistry and Histochemistry-
          Bellier Jean-Pierre(Molecular Neuroscience Research Center)
17:00〜18:20 [Lecture] Practical Use of MMC and IT Security for Medical Research *1
          Kenji Shigetoshi (MultiMedia Center)

3rd day: Sep 7 (Thu)

14:00〜15:20 [Lecture] Liquid Scintillation Analysis and Demonstration
          Toshinaga Maeda, Nobutoshi Fukuhori, Yukiko Koyama, Takuya Nakase             (Central Research Laboratory)
          Partnership: Enoki Engineering
[Lecture & Analysis] Real-time Quantitative PCR
15:30〜16:50 [Lecture]
17:00〜18:20 [Analysis]
          Takahiro Isono, Toshinaga Maeda, Masafumi Suzaki, Takuya Nakase
            (Central Research Laboratory)
          Partnership: Roche Diagnostics K.K., NIPPON Genetics Co, Ltd

4th day: Sep 8 (Fri)

How to Use Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter
14:00〜15:20 [Lecture in English]
15:30〜16:50 [Practical training I]
17:00〜18:20 [Practical training II]
          Takefumi Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Mori (Central Research Laboratory)
          Partnership: Nippon Becton Dickinson Company, Ltd.

*1 Multimedia Center 1F Practice Room
Other: Basic Medicine Education & Research Building 2F Staff Lobby

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