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 “2017 An Intensive Course in Basic Science Fundamentals & Multidisciplinary Seminars”, organized by the Graduate School of Medicine Committee, will be held from Sep. 5th to Sep. 8th, as joint seminars by Research Center for Animal Life Science and Central Research Laboratory.
 This Course doubles as a seminar in 2017 Central Research Laboratory Special Seminars and is open to everyone at SUMS. The schedule of the seminars is provided on the back page.
 Applicants need to submit application form to the Central Research Laboratory Office directly or by using campus delivering system no later than Monday, August 28th.

To Graduate School Students:
 As this course is a part of “Technical Seminars”, which is an obligatory subject in the common core curriculum, all graduate students registering the course should attend 3 or more out of 12 classes. The attendance will be recorded in each class. Students those wish to participate need to make prior application due to the preparation of handouts.

Please refer to the schedule and bstracts of the seminars

プログラムプリント用(PDF書類)  Program for print(PDF)

受講申込書(PDF書類)   受講申込書(WORD書類)

Application form(PDF)  Application form(WORD)

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